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 [IC] Overlook, Presentation of the Clan.

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[IC] Overlook, Presentation of the Clan. Empty
PostSubject: [IC] Overlook, Presentation of the Clan.   [IC] Overlook, Presentation of the Clan. Icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2011 7:02 pm

Stairway to Heavenz.

A roleplayer clan, based in Progress Town, S2.

[IC] Overlook, Presentation of the Clan. Image085qr

[IC] Overlook, Presentation of the Clan. Image086d

Welcome folks, this is the new reborned town of Stairway to Heavenz. I am Agr, I guess, that's how my friends calls me, you can also have heard about Rabbit, Jellybeans and maybe some others akas I don't even know myself. I was seeking a home since Elena and Lifenet did make me reborn for the first time after the Hoover Dam incident, and I found this hill while I was riding my biodiesel bike, high, once more, in the wastelands.

As the sun was rising and me sitting near the old remains of what used to be a town, I had that feeling, this one, you know you're right, but you don't know why, I had to make that place my home. But in this dead land I was sure I won't be able to do it by my own, as the cogs use to raid this hill everytime someone try to rebuild the old town, because it seems they want to keep the area under their control.

I have spent one entire week with my associate, who's also a friend, to rebuild the town, we managed to hold it a few days on our own, but, as we were humans, we still need to get some rest from time to time, and saddly, the cogs caught us by surprise when we were sleeping, and it's in a burned town we woke up when we opened our eyes.

I won't forfeit this place to the CoGs, I won't fail my friend trust, and also, I want to offer all clones a place they can call, their home, for a night, a week, or untill the next fall. I'm seeking help, soldiers, crafters, harvesters, barmaids, girls, alchoolics for the girls, everyone who's in a good mood is welcome to meet me there, and see where our meeting goes.

I hope I'll see you soon folks, till then, drive safe, or not !


[IC] Overlook, Presentation of the Clan. Argssig5
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[IC] Overlook, Presentation of the Clan.
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