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 [OOC] Presentation, chart.

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[OOC] Presentation, chart. Empty
PostSubject: [OOC] Presentation, chart.   [OOC] Presentation, chart. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 5:20 pm

Presentation :

This post to lighten a bit what's the clan real purpose : I wish this progress town in S2 can live, like new flagstaff for example. This town has everything players needs once the town is build except trainers. The goal is to attract players here, roleplayers or not, to get other players enjoy something a bit different than neutrals/faction towns.

The town is raided by CoGs npcs every 90 minutes real time, and the number of waves and their strenght depends on two factors : Numbers of buildings in town, Number of player in the area. This means if someone is harvesting around, he can makes more CoGs spawn. If the cogs overwhelm the defenses of the town, they just destroy it, and you have to set up everything again.

Chart :

The clan only ask his members a few things listed below :

- Say hello when you come online.

- Try to stay cool with everyone, we are not here to get troubles, we are here to enjoy another way of playing the game, and provide others players enjoyement.

- Do not grief anyone (pvp, following, harrassing, kill steal). Here I'll be mercyless.

- Take part in the town life, as your own level of implication, if it's only a few, so be it, I just wish every members take some IC actions in the town.

- Register on FERP website : Fallen Earth Roleplay Heaven and take a look sometimes, even if you don't post anything on it.

- Enjoy the game. (No choice here)

- Go on Stairway to Heavenz Radio everytime you cross my Dustmotors Chopper, in game, it got an handmade audio system diffusing the radio everytime. (You're not forced to do that actually)

- If you are the only member of the clan online, and the town isn't wasted, stay here till someone is here to relay you defending the town. (Not an obligation too, but, trow some buildings component to me then)
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[OOC] Presentation, chart.
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