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 Doctor's diary

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Velia Novak

Velia Novak

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PostSubject: Doctor's diary   Doctor's diary Icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 9:00 pm

Velia was daddy's little princess in the old days, so it's no wonder, that she got the best education a daddy could affort: dancing, singing, playing the piano, noble behaviour, the best school in town, academic studies at one of the best universities of the country. She received a docotor's degree in human medicine and worked a short time in a respectable hospital, before the shiva-virus claimed her young life. But due to her daddy and his fat purse she was one of the first clones reproduced by lifenet.
It was not easy for daddy's little princess to cope with the new situation. Her deep compassion for her fellow men and the Hippocratic oath she swore made her an easy victim for every bad guy in her way. Several deaths later she learned to suspect every human being. However, she used her time to raise her stocks of medical devices and her knowledge of medicine.
The past year Velia spent with her partner Vergil. The relationship between both is unknown, seems to be relating to business. She goes where Vergil goes. And so she is here, ready to take care of the town's people.

I apologize for weak emotes an bad phrases, but my last english lesson was in the last century. It's my first time I do RP in english. So I hope, you will be patient with me.
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PostSubject: Re: Doctor's diary   Doctor's diary Icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 10:29 pm

Welcome in ! I'll invite you after I had a good rest session !
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Doctor's diary
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