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 new header image

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PostSubject: new header image   new header image Icon_minitimeWed May 02, 2012 10:28 am

couldn't help but notice that the header image is proportionally distorted and very pixalated (i hope whoever made it doesn't deeply hate me now ^^)

but i wouldn't be "me" if i wouldn't have an offer for a solution: and made a fresh header for the page. (if you like it, feel free to use it =))

new header image Stairwaytohaevenz_header

i took a screenshot-image i found in one of the forum's posts, which looked like it was the one being used for the current header, to have a refference.
since it was very small (i can see where the distortion came from) i took the measures from the current header and scaled it up to the right proportions, to have a correct base for the work on it.
- Painted over it,
(because i thought an artistic attempt would fit better to the "western" style rather then a pure sreenshot like the momentaneous image is)
- added a lensflare to put a note on the continously burning sun in the wastelands, and to support the clanname a bit (as in more note to the haeven in the image)
- Also took care that the general colorbalance of the image fits a bit better to the background image of the page and doesn't interfere so much anymore.
- choose to switch to the more artistic FE-Logo-head instead of the plain Vector-Logo since it did fit more to the overall style of the new image,
- changed the fontcolor (yes i figured which Font it was ^.-) to fit better to the website-Background,
- drawn some of the junkpiles in town back to the lower area of the small hill under the green house to keep a similar look to the current header's szene
(since by scaling the reference image it wasn't visible anymore, and just vanished beneath the bottom border of the image)
- also gave it a 1px border in the same color as the font to have a better optical transition to the page.

for comparing here the current header image:

new header image Stairwaytohaevenz_old_header

If you should decide to take the "roleplay" element out of the clan (hence: Arah's post about that subject) i still can change the text anytime.
Also if you want the [RP] back at the end of the clan's name (i found it didnt look good, and the sentece explains already that it's a RP clan) i can put that in for you.
Or if you have any other suggestions - just let me know.
If you need it as jpg i can change the format for you (better i do it to prevent from quality loss) but if you can upload it as png then do it that way (no extreme compression and quality loss, and to keep the colors as they are)

Hope you like it, crood
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new header image
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