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 A new born clone "PKing"

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A new born clone "PKing" Empty
PostSubject: A new born clone "PKing"   A new born clone "PKing" Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 2:35 pm

Dr Jake Killings was working on a clone just before he died in an explosion of his science lab , fortunately the clone survived , whith the help of a fellow clone ( this one had experience ) he managed to get his first steps right . The clone was given the name "PKing" by his friend . However Dr Killings didn't complete his researches , therefore PKing has sometimes some strange attitudes , and because of that he murdered his clone friend . Since then PKing was always travelling by his own until he encountered a scientist who managed to cure those strange actions he might of done . Time has passed and he got some weapons for self defense and some transportation however he still has difficulty to manage fire arms ......

(OOC about me )
First of , sorry about my english and sorry for the bad and short bio.
I've began playing fallen earth some time now but i'm still a beginner :p .I've also roleplayed some time on other mmorpgs and i hope i can join you for the adventure.

See you in the game Wink
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A new born clone "PKing"
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